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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The begining of it all...

Our Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on Friday, June 18. The entire week before was filled with doctors appointments and tests. It wasn't until Wednesday, June 23 that she told the three of us, as this was the first time we were together since her diagnosis.
Mom discovered a hollow place in her left breast and knew right away what it was, seeing that this was the same way our Grandmother discovered her BC. From there, she began a battery of tests.
Of course, we have all been overly emotional around here. However, Mom seems to be in good spirits. She says she's not afraid of what is to come but is ready to get it out. We are asking that our friends and family pray for the following things: strength for what lies ahead, a peace that surpasses all understanding, comfort in knowing that God is the ultimate physician, & of course, healing...not only of her body, but for our hearts, as well.
As of today, she has had an MRI, multiple blood work tests, ultrasounds, biopsies, and much more. Her doctor called today to tell her that she would have more than just the lump removed, as it has reached her lymph nodes. We are not sure what stage it is in and will not know much more until surgery is preformed.
At this time, Mom is leaning toward having both breasts removed so she never has to deal with this again. She has not scheduled surgery yet. She has two more doctors appointments to attend before this can be done. We are hoping it will be sometime next week.

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  1. Girls,
    My prayers are with you. My phone can be called at ANY time of day/night. You girls and your dad will be her strength in this. I think this blog is a great idea. It will be a place for you to write it down, pour out feelings that are hard to verbalize, and keep people informed without having to go over it a million times making it ultimately harder on you guys. (that is why I started mine...and to document it) I love you Katie Venable. Please let me help with anything possible!